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Buzz of UC Café 


The inspiration for The Buzz of UC Cafe is welcoming and casual while highlighting the strength of community and history. The brand is all about community, with an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. 

The overall vibe is laid back, introducing both newcomers and connoisseurs to the various tastes that our cafe has to offer. A cozy environment, our patrons can settle in with a cup of specialty coffee or tea and a good book, enjoy a lively conversation with friends over a meal or grab a quick cup of joe for the go. 

By creating a safe space where all are welcome we grow and make our community stronger. 

The Buzz of UC Café 


We are a community-based gathering place.  A “Living Room” to discuss the hot topics for each of our local organizations as you enjoy a warm cup of coffee and great food.  The upcoming meeting dates, agenda items and board members of local non-profits will be posted for view to encourage open discussion. You will feel like you're enjoying beverages and food at your own kitchen table or in your living room while possibly having a meaningful conversation with your “neighbor”. We are “The talk of the Town”.



Monday- Friday: 6AM-4PM
Saturday: 7AM-4PM
Sunday: 7AM-2PM
4TH of July: 7AM-11:30AM


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