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163 years old!

There is a lot of history in our town; Miles Mills to Union Mills to Union City, producing oil barrels, furniture, powdered milk, fiberglass boats and cars and even surviving major fires and floods. The historical district of our downtown is a picturesque reminder of the early 1900’s being well preserved by today’s building occupants. Through it all the building where the Buzz of UC Café resides has persevered.

The building, originally built in 1860, was a common house with pasture and horse barn. It didn’t even have electricity or plumbing when originally built. Can you imagine!? In time it had been “updated” with modern amenities and became the residence and salon of the beloved Ruth Jane Watts and family in the 50’s. After almost 70 years of being a salon we did the major renovation in 2020 to convert it to our lovable coffee shop.

This building is the last of the historical buildings in what Kathy and I like to refer to as the “commercial district” of Union City on North Main St between West High Street and Rt 97 (Waterford St). The Buzz is surrounded by modern day buildings and businesses such as Tops, McDonalds, Country Fair, Wine and Spirits and etc. But right here, standing proudly right in the middle of it, we have a building built 163 years ago.

We love the history of our little town and recognize that we have a little piece of it right here at 64 N Main St. In fact, we have a seating area called the “history room” containing large pictograms that depict different historical perspectives that were put together by a group led by Rosemary Obert. If you haven’t been in to see them, please stop in to check them out sometime. Also, we support our Union City Museum which has a large collection of artifacts related to our history and we encourage you to visit.

It’s important to recognize and preserve our history. Knowing where we come from helps us get where we want to be!

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