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Trivia and Prizes...

In this week’s blog Kathy and I want to do something a little different and have some fun with a trivia game. You will see the questions below and most of the answers can be found in our previous blogs. There is a prize! For each question you answer correctly you will get an entry in a drawing for a $100 gift card. We will be giving away 3!!! Who doesn't want $100, especially during the upcoming holidays? You may only win once.

Two requirements to win... To be eligible you must follow our page. So, if you aren’t following yet be sure to hit the follow button on our Facebook and/or Instagram page. The other requirement is that you must email or DM your answers. We don’t want them showing up in the comments for everyone to see. We will post the winners and the answers in next week’s blog on Friday 11/24, so you have a little over a week to play! Below are the questions...

1) What is Kathy and I’s lucky number?

2) Fill in the blank… If we aren’t growing we are _______

3) What did we site in one blog as difficult if not nearly impossible to find in the Borough of Union City?

4) What are the 3 main organizations that provide funding and resources for improvement projects in Union City.

5) What is your favorite idea that we shared in the “It takes a village” blog for growing our community?

6) Based on the 2020 census, how many households do we have in the Union City Borough and Township?

7) What is the title of the blog you found most intriguing?

8) What is the title of our least viewed blog?

9) How can you help get the word out about The Buzz and other businesses for FREE?

10) What is your favorite menu item at The Buzz?

Good luck!

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