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Community Growth is Important!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As local small business owners of The Buzz of UC Café, Kathleen Bowes and I want to see stability and growth in our community. We rely on ALL of the ~4,000 households in the Borough and Township to support our business! If you haven’t been to visit us yet, we invite you to stop in for breakfast or lunch and enjoy a delicious sandwich and beverage!! You won’t be disappointed.

Stability and growth are important to our survival. We recognize we cannot rely on our small community alone. We must draw in others from the surrounding communities and beyond to have adequate revenue to sustain the business. Word of mouth helps and is free! Facebook and Instagram are the modern-day word of mouth on steroids. If you’re a fan, like and share our posts or even better, leave a positive review. If you’re not a fan, we sure would like to know why, reach out privately to let us know so we can improve. This doesn’t just apply to The Buzz. We ask that you do the same for the 42+ other locally owned retail or service-related businesses located within the Borough of Union City, our hometown!

So, here’s a question, and it’s not rhetorical; how do we grow our community? How do we make Union City a destination and how do we get people to stay, live here? How do we grow? Comment your ideas below. Because if we’re not growing, we’re losing…

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