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Dreams and Schemes...

Last week Kathy and I spent some much-needed time away from The Buzz and Union City. While visiting family we took the time to reflect on where we are with life and business. As a business owner or even an individual it’s a good idea to do this on occasion to clear the mind and consider the bigger picture, make plans, and set goals. Especially when you own and operate a couple of businesses that keep you at work 7 days a week for long hours. We set out on a couple of excursions and dreamed and schemed of when and where we may open a second location to share our passion with another community. Will we? Well, we aren’t sure but like we’ve said, if you’re not growing, you’re losing. Expanding to another location is definitely a potential growth path for us to consider and sunny Florida beckons us with its sunshine, palm trees, and sandy beaches.

The Buzz of UC Café started with a dream and a scheme. If you haven’t been to visit us yet we invite you! Our dream eventually turned into a business plan, a pitch to lenders, purchase of a property, a detailed plan for the build out, and eventually the “Grand Opening”… which, by the way, we never really had because of opening during Covid. Maybe it’s time for a big celebration as we approach surviving the first three years of small business operation?!

So, as we observe our successes here at the Buzz of UC Café we continue to dream and scheme for the future… Lots of things to come here at the OG Union City location so stay tuned by following our Facebook/Instagram pages, reading our Email newsletter, checking our website and blog posts and maybe someday we will see you at The Buzz of the Beach Café?!It’s good to dream…

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