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Dreams to Reality...

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Kathy and I haven’t taken a cent from The Buzz of UC Café since we opened. Yet we continually strive to make this an Anchor Business for our community… If you haven’t been here yet, we invite you! What we could have taken for ourselves we have given to many of the organizations here in town in an effort to create synergy by bringing people and groups together and to help others. Organizations such as the Union City Food Pantry, Union City Pride, Union City Community Foundation, Union City Sports Complex Committee, many youth athletic groups and many more have all benefited from the Buzz fundraisers. You see, our dream isn’t to get rich, it’s to grow. This is how we grow our community.

In our blog and in the café we share our dreams and work to bring them to reality. It’s not about just sitting idle and dreaming. It’s about doing. Finding a group or activity that you’re passionate about and can get behind. Making it happen!! We want to encourage and initiate change and be a launching pad for community development. A means by which to do fundraising. A place to host committee meetings where they can plan for our better future. The future of our town. Our town, which will become a destination for others. A place where people want to stop and then live because it’s so awesome. Are we going to be the Union City of yesterday or the Union City of tomorrow?! My vote is for tomorrow. Think of the possibilities!

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