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Hometown Businesses!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

You may know that Kathleen Bowes and I own and operate the @BuzzofUCcafe. We work hard to keep our facility and property well maintained, our menu fresh, and our social media marketing ever present to attract new customers and keep the current ones coming back. If you haven't been to visit us, we invite you!

We support our youth in education and sports and local non-profits with donations and fund raising events. We will be having our annual community day at The Buzz on August 26th before the start of school and asking other local businesses to participate as they can (look to our FB page for event details). We will also be having our annual Makers Market after the Homecoming Parade on 9/16.

Since we don't have a Chamber of Commerce, we often wonder what more we can do to bring our local businesses and non-profits together for the ultimate growth of our community and would certainly welcome any and all ideas anyone might have. Comment below...

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