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It takes a village...

I don’t know why but Kathy and I have a natural desire for success, not just for us but for everyone, even if they’ve “wronged us” in some way or by some standards that person or business is considered “unworthy” or “competition”. There are some that want to see us fail and, unfortunately, we have experienced the wrath of that. It’s bewildering to us that in a tight knit community such as ours this type of behavior exists. Our defense is to kill them… with kindness of course. We happily go about our business here at The Buzz of UC Café and do everything we can to give every customer an amazing experience each visit and hope that someday those failure mongers will put their grudges aside, forgive, forget, whatever they must do to join us in the effort to see our whole community grow and every business grow and succeed as a result. If you haven’t been to visit us, we invite you!

We set aside our competitiveness. There is enough business for all of us. I mean, if every car that drove through town each day stopped at one of our locally owned restaurants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner there would be an overabundance of business. None of us would be able to keep up in our current state, right? So, how do we do that? As a community, how do we get the cars to stop? What is it we can develop that will attract them to spend an hour or afternoon with us? What is the “experience” we can provide? This wouldn’t just be good for the restaurants but for every local retail business!

Here are some ideas I’ve been “dreaming of” for several years…

· a boardwalk along French Creek that starts at the Little League Fields with a foot bridge that crosses over at The Buzz and ends at Caflisch Park with stops along the way,

· a Makers Market of cute little “sheds” where local makers can take turns selling their homemade items in a “brick and mortar” storefront,

· a redeveloped Plaza Theater in partnership with Pixar or Disney or the like where they show old time movies and a have stage for live theater groups,

· a small business and home-based worker shared office building that has all amenities and support needed like furniture, printer/copier, conference room, secretary, accountant, attorney, insurance broker and etc.

· a shared certified commercial kitchen for farmers, small bakers and home chefs to be able to prepare their goods for sale that otherwise cannot due to lack of available certified kitchen space,

· a unique rentable events center

These “dreams” could each be made possible with the right resources and a concerted effort.

Have you ever heard the quote “it takes a village to raise a child”? Well, I believe the same is true for raising a community. If you can support these dreams or have a dream of your own to grow our community, we would love to hear about it, please share in the comments.

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