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Lucky 13...

We’ve reached lucky number 13 for our blog. Lucky you say? Kathy and I think so because we started dating on Friday Nov 13th, 1987. So prime numbers, especially the number 13, have special meaning for us. So here we are on the 1st of November, writing our 13th blog on community growth and just like our first date 36 years ago we wonder what is in store for us. Our journey has somehow brought us here, to business ownership of The Buzz of UC Café with a strong desire to use the café as a conduit for our community to “buzz”. Some days we are sure we’ve made the right decision to be right here as the business is hopping with cars in the drive-thru queue, folks are having pleasant conversations seated inside or on the outdoor patio and some are enjoying the serenity of the seating along French Creek. Other days, well, there’s panic and fear as we sit watching folks jam up the parking lot all the way to the road at the BigM across the street while we listen to the crickets chirping over here while asking ourselves, what have we done? We’re sure other locally owned businesses can relate. If you haven’t been to visit us yet we invite you! You won’t be disappointed as we have something for everyone on our menu; unique beverages, yummy tasting breakfast and lunch food, and fresh pastries. Don’t like coffee? Well, we are so much more than just that. And we are so much more than just a café. We are an advocate for our little burg of Union City. Born and raised here, Kathy and I both want to see our little community flourish and that’s what keeps us encouraged.

The title picture shows the readership of our blogs posts. The Buzz of UC Café Facebook page has over 3,500 followers and the Union City, Pa group Facebook page has over 6,000 followers. We post our blog on both of these pages each week so it seems like our most read post should have a lot more than just 253 reads. We believe our blogs convey important information and ideas for our community and we hope that the readership grows. We just need to continue encouraging folks to take the 1 minute to read them. So, if you’re reading this can you do us a favor and smash the share button and encourage your friends to read and share as well? Let’s see if we can get those numbers to climb on those previous posts. Here’s to growth and lucky number 13!

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