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Silence and Inaction...

Do you know our community leaders, both de facto and elected/appointed officials? Who are the people “behind the scenes” making things happen? The revitalized gateway, historical mural, improved athletic facilities, building restorations, and other improvements don’t just magically appear. These things take planning, resources and effort.

There are currently three main organizations behind these significant improvements;

1) The Union City Borough Council whose elected official’s main responsibility is upholding Laws/Ordinances, Safety, and Infrastructure and for those things uses taxpayer dollars and government funded grants,

2) The Union City Community Foundation whose voluntary board works to set direction and prioritization of improvements and has funds available beyond taxpayer dollars and can grant those funds through non-profits,

3) Union City Pride, Inc whose voluntary board also helps set direction and priority for improvements, manages certain projects and activities, and, as a non-profit, acts as a funding pass through for funds from the Community Foundation and other grant organizations to the projects.

There are other committees and individuals doing hard work to make improvements. Some do their own fundraising and some also filter up to the three above because that’s from where the bulk of resources/funds originate. Understanding and leveraging this is key to our community’s growth!

Make an effort to get involved in the boards of these organizations, especially if you have ideas or energy (time, talent, treasure) for improvements or activities! At a minimum get to know who the folks are behind these organizations. You can go to their associated FB and/or Web pages to get information about members and meetings. The good folks running these organizations are the ones making important decisions for Union City’s future. If you want to have a voice in our future, you need to be involved because, well, silence is agreement and inaction is capitulation…

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