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Kathy and I struggle to find the most effective way to inform about and market our business specials, events and other happenings at the Buzz of UC Café. If you haven't visited us yet, we invite you! The big budget advertising on classic media such as TV and radio is very expensive and currently out of reach for us. There are several other means by which we can and do advertise including the Corry Journal, Facebook/Instagram posts, our email marketing campaigns, and on our signage. Even with the marketing we do we still hear regularly that people don’t know about an event or special we have going on. In an earlier blog it was mentioned the importance of word of mouth to our business growth and that social media such as Facebook/Instagram are the modern-day word of mouth on steroids. It takes all our fans to spread the word. Following our page and sharing our posts helps get the word out. We know this is true for our other small local businesses as well and we encourage you to follow them.

For the Buzz at UC Café, we are very active on Facebook and Instagram and have invited everyone that has reacted to or commented on a post to join us by liking/following our page as can be seen in the blog header illustration captured from our page. The greatest benefit of having people follow us is that they see our updates in their newsfeed. When more people see our updates, we can share great things about our business and increase the chances of our events and specials being known. Following a business’s page may also spark interest from your circle of friends and family to help grow our customer base. As we have said before, it’s all about growth because if we aren’t growing, we are losing. Please help us grow and get the word out by following our page! Can we get to 5,000?!

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