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Running a small business in a small community is a big challenge. Something every business, big or small, should have, besides a banker, attorney, accountant, and insurance broker, is a business plan, which should include a vision and mission. You can’t just put the sign out front and hope that you survive. You must have a plan to operate and grow. Kathy and I presented a business plan for The Buzz to banks when we were seeking the finances to open. It is a guide to our first 5 years of operation and contains our commitment, vision, and mission. Those things are also in our employee handbook and hung prominently at The Buzz of UC Café. If you haven’t been to visit us yet, we invite you!

Our Commitment is to give every customer an amazing experience each visit.

Our Vision is that The Buzz of UC Café will Grow Profitably and Enrich Our Community by providing Consistently Great Tasting Unique Products and Amazing Quality Service, becoming the Talk of the Town!

Our Mission is to;

· Be profitable enough to provide suitable income for the owners and team members and to give charitably to those local organizations promoting Primary and Secondary Education, Youth Sports and the Arts, and Community Development.

· Support local organizations by providing a place for discussion and be a source of fundraising.

· Provide a customer experience that is like being at home and will provide an open discussion atmosphere regarding the goings on in their lives and the local and neighboring communities… be The Talk of the Town!

· Serve great tasting specialty beverages and food items that stand out from other establishments in the surrounding area.

You see, this blog, and the passion Kathy and I have to see the community grow, is part of our mission and we will continue our outreach as long as we are here. We hope that is many, many years to come and that you’ll join us in our mission. Together let’s make Union City a destination, the Talk of the County or The Tri-State Area! What is your vision? We’d love to hear. Please share in the comments.

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