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As we approach Homecoming weekend here in Union City, like most of you, Kathy and I like to reminisce with others about the past and how things used to be. One fond memory for a lot of us Union City-ites is enjoying a meal at the old Dinor (with Real Mashed Potatoes 😉). Remembering and acknowledging the past is necessary because our history is how we became WHO WE ARE. Our community organizations are doing a great job of preserving some of that history with downtown building restoration, the historical mural, the Dinor faux façade at the gateway, the chair replica in the industrial park, and our awesome museum! If you’ve returned to town this week or plan to be sure to walk the town to see what’s been going on here and check them all out!!

At the same time, we must also look to our future. The Dinor is no longer here along with many other notable establishments of the past and that’s ok. The current businesses are here, and the generation of today can have fond memories of patronizing them, just like past generations of “The Dinor Era”. So, let’s start building those memories and come out and support the “NEW Dinor” like The Buzz of UC Café or other locally owned establishments in town. If you haven’t been to visit us yet, we invite you! We would love to have the opportunity to create those memories with you and together build our future… WHO WE WILL BE… a thriving rural community of families, businesses and organizations dedicated to encouraging growth while maintaining small town values. Welcome home everyone!

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